osview is a graphical system resource monitoring tool featured in Silicon Graphics's IRIX operating system. A screenshot of this tool is below:
Screenshot of gr_osview

Modern Alternative

This programs features support for multi-core systems along with memory reporting.

Screenshot of osview
Screenshot of osview
This program measures the amount of time the system has been executing tasks in kernel mode, user mode, and the amount of time that it has spent idling. The polling time is variable, by default it is set to a value that allows the vertical graph to display the previous 60 seconds of information. The data poller makes use of two Win32 API functions: NtQuerySystemInformation and GlobalMemoryStatusEx;


A precompiled binary is provided under the release section, but if you wish to build yourself:


  • SDL2 (SDL2image and SDL2ttf)
  • NFont by grimfang4
  • plog by SergiusTheBest
  • Win32
  • make
  • C++ compiler, default is g++

The makefile does require you to configure the library and include directories for SDL2.

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